Picture 2

Picture 2

Feb 7, 2013

Liberal Collective Action

Collective action, as defined by liberals, seems to mean government action.  Positive freedoms for some mean negative consequences for others, with the government deciding who gets assigned to which group.  Giving the government this kind of power subverts the limited government vision of the founders.  It replaces God given rights with government given rights.  Consent of the governed becomes compulsion by the government.  In Chicago, we used to have a saying, "If you don't vote right, you don't get your streets fixed."   Under Obamacare, we’ll get to test whether not voting right means you don’t get your health fixed. Remember, Chicago style is to reward your friends and punish your enemies.  Since the president’s style is pure Chicago, I expect to see my healthcare deteriorate.  I confess.  I didn’t vote right.

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