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Picture 2

Feb 7, 2013

Why No Help for Benghazi Conulate?

        Here are a couple of timelines published about the Benghazi attack: ,  For sure, the drone saw most of the attack on the CIA Annex because it happened after the drone got there.  There also was footage from the consulate before the security cameras got knocked out, which the Embassy in Tripoli should have been monitoring.  Do you really believe that there was no communication between Clinton and Benghazi for 6 hours during an attack?  No satellite phones, no secure intranet connection, no communication of any kind?  If you do, why was the communication setup so poorly done, and who was responsible for that?  If you don't, Obama and Clinton did very little.  They sent an unarmed drone.  As far as the risks of using military force, I would have hoped that we learned enough from other terrorist attacks that we scramble whatever we've got to support our people.  We may not be able to use them, but at least we would have the option.  There should have been fighter bombers overhead, ready to give support within "hours" of the initial attack.  It wasn't like the date was picked at random.  It was September 11.  If the Administration did not order any military help, then why not?  If they didn’t have any ready, then why not?  BS about asking permission from the Libyan government as if they had any control over more than a small part of their country is a transparent dodge.  They certainly didn't control Benghazi then, and from published reports still don't.
        One final question:  Given the Algerian natural gas facility terror attack by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and the significant 9/11 date of the Benghazi attack, can a rational person still maintain that it was just some guys who decided to kill some Americans on the spur of the moment?

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