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Apr 7, 2013

Appealing to Black Voters

Thomas Sowell’s article in the link below talks about how the Republicans can get more Black votes.  A lot of the comments assume we have to change our message to appeal to minority voters.  I don't think we need to change our message.  I do think we have to expand who we talk to.  Years ago, a friend of mine was running for Cook County (Chicago) Sanitary District Commissioner.  He was a white, Jewish, conservative Republican.  He was also the only Republican to appear at Jessie Jackson's Operation Push endorsement meeting.  He explained his views without any filtering for the audience.  However, just because he bothered to show up, they endorsed him.  Republicans have to bother to show up.  We have to explain our positions in Black venues and radio stations.  For example, we have to explain that we favor education vouchers so their children can have better schools, rather than patronage union teachers who aren't doing the job.  We have to explain how increasing the minimum wage has lead to 43 percent black teenage unemployment.  We have to explain that federally mandated sub prime lending lead to foreclosure and financial disaster for many members of their community.  We have to explain that asking for a powerful government is like the Israelites asking the prophet Samuel for a king to rule over them. 

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