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Picture 2

Apr 7, 2013

Global Warming: No Feasible Liberal Way Out

The global warming article in the link below and most of the comments are magical thinking in the extreme.  From geological and fossil evidence, we know that climate has varied from tropical to ice ages over the 4.5 billion years of geologic time.  This means that observations over the 10,000 year existence of man would be too short a time to make statistically valid predictions.  So even if the models favored by the warmists were accurately predicting world temperature levels, which they are not, it would seem that the length of time in the models would mean predictions subject to an extremely wide margin of error.  I don’t see how anyone can conclude that any pattern of global warming we observe over the past 150 years is man caused.  Even worse, although the warmists are willing to inflict a lot of economic damage to stop carbon emissions, their actions are not consistent with their beliefs.  Assuming that any global warming we see is man-caused, the answer is nuclear power, which emits no carbon at all.  But warmists don’t like nuclear power.  Assuming you don't like nuclear power, then we have to build a lot of dams, probably killing a lot of snail darters and other endangered fish.  We also have to carpet sunny places like Death Valley with solar collectors without regard to the possible extinction of obscure lizards.  We also have to build wind turbines and kill literally tons of migratory birds and ruin the view from Martha's Vineyard.  We also have to build a lot of high voltage transmission lines through everybody's back yards to move the renewable power from where it’s generated to where it’s used.  But the environmentalists, who fervently believe in global warming, fight all of these things.  Assuming you don't like any of these options, you have to assume a miracle happens in order to stop the carbon.  Or we can go back to 19th century technology.  The expense of all of this gets obscene.  The flimsy justification for the economic ruin that fighting global warming will cause is a statistically insignificant anomaly.  Good luck with the politics of flimsy justification, miracles and economic ruin! 

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