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Picture 2

Apr 7, 2013

Would Obamacare Repeal Take 60 Senate Votes?

I think Obamacare can be repealed by Senate majority vote because it's so massively expensive.  Repeal would be scored as saving a lot of money, so the procedure called reconciliation would apply.  Reconciliation requires only a majority vote in the Senate to save money.  Filibusters are not allowed.  Of course Obama would veto it.  However, he is more likely to have to postpone more and more of it because he can't reorganize 17 percent of the US economy in the time the bill allowed.  Implementation will be rocky and increasingly unpopular.  Imagine how 7 million people will feel when they find out that even though they like their insurance, they can't keep it.  The result could easily be a Republican Senate voting to repeal Obamacare, followed by a presidential veto.   

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