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Picture 2

Jul 29, 2013

Cut My Entitlements, Please!

Liberals always assume people don’t want their own entitlements cut.  I’m here to say I want my entitlements cut.  I'll be 63 this November. It would be OK with me if my retirement age was raised immediately to 67 from 66 for Social Security and 65 for Medicare. It would be fine if the retirement age was indexed for life expectancy. In addition, if benefits were adjusted for changes in Social Security tax receipts instead of inflation, that would be OK too. Further, as a Viet Nam era vet, it would be OK if my VA medical benefits were cut. Just so you know, I refuse to join AARP because I think their politics, their position that senior's entitlements can't be cut, will lead to federal government bankruptcy. Federal government bankruptcy will lead to chaos and death that will make folks wish they hadn't believed reactionary liberal promises such as "if you like your insurance, you can keep it." The Fall of Rome was at least partially due to the financial exhaustion caused by too much bread and circuses, now known as "entitlements." Rome's demise lead to several hundred years of Dark Age destruction and death in Western Europe. Life was brutish and very short. Why would we want to repeat the experience?

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