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Picture 2

Sep 23, 2013

No Ignorance on the Left?

I guess that a corollary of no enemies on the left is, axiomatically, no ignorance on the left.   If George W. Bush "flubs it," it's evidence of his ignorance.  If "The One" flubs it, it's evidence of his absent mindedness.   The Dear Leader is, by definition, brilliant.  Republicans are, by definition, ignorant, stupid and often malevolent.  When BHO acts like a Stuart King of England, ruling by decree, it is by definition not comparable.  That the Constitution was framed with the behavior of Stuart Kings in mind, is ignored or unknown to Liberals (Progressives?).  This is convenient, because they can claim they are just trying to preserve the spirit of the Constitution by flouting the letter of it.  Liberals who want to buy a clue should Google "Charles I, of England" and look at the Wikipedia entry, particularly the "Personal Rule" section.  
Liberals may accuse me of borrowing vocabulary from George Will.  Sorry. I guess my conservative ignorance is so great that my Mathematics MS degree did not include axiomatic assumptions. Since I graduated in 1972, and had never heard of George Will at that time, I guess we can assume I read George Will for vocabulary words so that I can sound erudite while speaking to Liberals. Sorry, big word. I'll correct it to smart. Does that dumb it down enough for "liberal" education?

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