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Sep 23, 2013

Racist History of Democrats

Democrats regularly pat themselves on the back for their liberal positions on race.  They then turn around and say all Republicans are racist.  This certainly forgets history. 

George Wallace and Lester Maddox were both Democrats.  In the 1950's and 60's, the Republicans were more Northern and progressive on race.  The Democrats were more Southern and much more segregationist than Republicans.  This alignment held from about 1855 to about 1968.  The Democrats bought black votes with the welfare part of the "Great Society" program.  They also successfully demonized Barry Goldwater in 1964.  Wikipedia says, "In 1964, Goldwater ran a conservative campaign that emphasized states' rights.  Goldwater's 1964 campaign was a magnet for conservatives since he opposed interference by the federal government in state affairs.  Although he had supported all previous federal civil rights legislation and had supported the original senate version of the bill, Goldwater made the decision to oppose the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  His stance was based on his view that the act was an intrusion of the federal government into the affairs of states and that the Act interfered with the rights of private persons to do or not do business with whomever they chose." So he had a radically Libertarian position on Federal government interference with states and individuals.  Democrats successfully portrayed his record as racist, and traded white Southern votes for black Northern ones.  I lived through this as a child and young man.  My family was all Republican, but we were unpopular in Montana because we paid Native Americans white wages.    It was Republican President Eisenhower who ordered the National Guard into Little Rock in 1957 to force desegregation on Central High School there.  While I'm not saying there was and is absolutely no racism in the Republican Party, Democrat descriptions of the comparative positions of the two parties are now, and have been since 1964, wildly exaggerated in order to force black voters away for the Republican Party which was their political home for over a century. 

Liberals also like to say that blacks were uniquely victimized by discrimination.  This is also both self- serving and false.  Chinese and Japanese immigrants were systematically excluded, were not eligible for citizenship and in some cases were forbidden to own or lease land.  See for example the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 or the California Alien Land Law of 1913.  For a general survey, Google "History of Us Immigration Law." Also, look into what happened to Japanese residents of the Continental US during World War II.  (Hint: They we "interned,") 

“Progressives” like to disown the old Democrat party by saying the historical Democrats were not progressive.  As a "Progressive" or "Liberal," you are of course always right.  Us ignorant Conservatives defer to your superior wisdom.  Of course, they just say that they were not "Progressive" so they're not your problem as a "Progressive Democrat." ("Liberal" is so passe.) The fact that they were Democrats doesn't count unless they were "Progressive." Since Progressives  can define any historical Democrat as not "Progressive," let's try someone who defines himself as "Progressive" currently.  Let’s consider Al Sharpton, who supported an anti Jewish riot in Crown Heights where the mob stabbed and killed Yankel Rosenbaum.  He has his own TV show on MSNBC and calls himself "Progressive." I guess he's not anybody's problem (except maybe Yankel Rosenbaum's friends and family) because his heart is pure? And he can't be an anti semitic bigot, can he, because he's black.

The fact that inner city blacks do not have the opportunities of suburban whites is whose problem exactly?  For example, the schools are unionized, so charter schools and vouchers are not allowed.   By definition, stop and frisk is racist, so crime is rampant.   Families are subsidized to break up, so they do.   People who create jobs are taxed out of the inner city.   And who supports all of these oppressive policies?  Liberal Democrats.   

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