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Picture 2

Sep 23, 2013

Student Body Doesn't Have a Brain

I recently read an article about the loud protests that greeted General David Petraeus when
he showed up on the campus of the The City University Of New York to teach a class.  I went  to college from 1968 to 1972.  It looks like things have not changed a bit since then.  Free speech in a typical university setting, both then and now, is permitted only for those whose leftist political orthodoxy is unquestioned.  Certainly the students are supposed to question only those things that are insufficiently left wing.  Students are graded on their politics, not their knowledge or critical thinking.  The student body, like the Scarecrow in the 
Wizard of Oz, doesn't have a brain.  Which brings up an interesting point.  How scientific 
can socialism be if it won't consider real world results and can't tolerate any dissent?

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