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Picture 2

Oct 29, 2013

Government Power Corrupts Government

 The article linked below expresses puzzlement about why Conservatives think Liberals are Socialists or worse.  My answer is that Liberal politicians are in it for the power.  The more control the Federal Government has the better for Liberals.  Liberals never explain the limits that should be imposed on government because they don't believe that there is any problem government can't solve.  For Liberals, government should be unlimited, so it can help people whenever and wherever needed.  Conservatives see this Liberal position as threatening tyranny.  Totalitarian governments have unlimited power to help people, but lack the motivation to do so.  Tyrants have more than enough power to maintain the government without the consent of the governed.  Power corrupts.  The greater the government's power, the more corrupt it is.  IRS harassment of Tea Party groups is what Conservatives expect of an over powerful government.  Conservatives believe that "helping people" is just a cover story for seeking more power.  The only reason the Conservative position baffles Liberals is that they believe the cover story, that the government needs to expand to help people.  Liberals are blind to the downside of expanding government power.  Liberals failed to see any risk in Obamacare.  Millions of canceled health insurance policies are the result of this Liberal blindness.

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