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Picture 2

Oct 11, 2013

Has Boehner no shame?

Has Boehner no shame?  He is trying to stop Obamacare, the web site we've all been, and
still are, waiting for.  He wants to fund the government one piece at a time.   Everybody 
knows that Congress only passes gigantic bills that no one can possible have read before
 the vote.  So individual appropriations for child cancer research and the National Parks 
are obviously beyond the pale.   Boehner actually thinks Congress should try to trim the 
taxing and deficit spending.  What a ridiculous idea!  The Federal Reserve under Yellen 
will electronically print whatever money we need to keep our spending at acceptable levels.
Our president is really smart not to negotiate with the Republican barbarians.  The 
Smartest Man in the Room can negotiate with Russia, Syria, Iran and even the Taliban, but 
not Republicans.  Republicans are obviously much worse than the Taliban.  Just look at 
their war on women.   Until the Republicans are destroyed for their arrogance, Non passera!

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