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Picture 2

Oct 10, 2013

McCarthy is Seriously Dead since 1957

Liberals are fond of calling Republicans they don’t like the latest  reincarnation of the spirit of Joe McCarthy.  This week Ted Cruz is the new Joe McCarthy.  Note to liberals: Joe McCarthy died in 1957.  Further, the Verona intercepts show that at least a few of the people he initially complained about were communist spies in communication with the Soviet Union.  Where Joe went way too far was in accusing a lot of people individually by name with no proof whatsoever.  He slandered hundreds, maybe thousands.  These people got fired from their jobs and many could not work under their own names for years afterwards.  Who has Ted Cruz accused of being a communist?  Is being accused of being a spendthrift the same as being accused of being a communist?  I think nobody should mention Joe McCarthy unless they were alive when he died.  I was 7 years old when he died.  Were you even born yet?

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