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Picture 2

Oct 10, 2013

Obamacare a Fraud from the Start

Obamacare was passed as a budget reconciliation bill, a bill that saves money.  The fiction that the bill saves money is blown out of the water by now.  So, in legal terms, this was fraud in the inducement for the bill.  Our Dear Leader has exempted Employers from their mandate, but has preserved the Individual Mandate.  If George Bush had done that, there would be Occupy Everything protests and riots across the country.  The Pravda Press would be screaming.  Since The One We Were Waiting For did it, it's fine with everybody except the Tea Party crazies who actually read the Constitution.  The Constitution says all spending bills must originate in the House.  There is no Constitutional Mandate that Congress must fund any bill that was previously passed, particularly if the budget estimates were off as badly as Obamacare's were.  It also says the President "must take care that the laws are faithfully executed."  So no matter how smart The Smartest Guy in the Oval Office Ever happens to be, he is not allowed to suspend the collection of taxes on business because his administration is not ready to do what the law requires.  He should have to ask Congress to change the law.  For obvious reasons, this was inconvenient for the former Constitutional Lecturer who made the decision.  Has anyone noticed that the number of people who have successfully used the Federal website for Obamacare to get coverage is not something normally talkative "senior administration officials" want to talk about?  They blame it all on the unexpected hordes of citizens who need insurance from the exchanges.  I guess they really believed their own propaganda that "If you like your insurance, you can keep it."  Since that was a lie, too many people tried to register?  Or perhaps the whole thing is one big government overreach?

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