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Picture 2

Oct 10, 2013

Renewable Energy and the Poor

Green Democrats are always demanding that we break our fossil fuel habit.  They are firm in their belief that the US can never be energy independent.  I guess the huge increase in natural gas and oil output from fracking is irrelevant here. The greens don't like it and will punish the people who are doing the fracking. Among other things, they will not get an Obamacare waiver. I do think that Canada is a wee bit more friendly than for example Venezuela. I also think oil delivered by pipeline is a lot less likely to spill than oil delivered by ship. Remember the Exon Valdez! But rich liberals only talk a good game about poor people. The Democrats are the party of the poor, so naturally they want more poor people. The best way to get more poor people is to raise energy prices. So forget about oil.

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