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Picture 2

Oct 29, 2013

Treat Iranians Like Republicans

I would feel more confident about the Smartest President Ever if he treated the Russians, Syrians and Iranians as if they were Tea Party Republicans. Unfortunately, The One seems to believe that John Boehner is a bigger threat to our Republic than the Iranian Ayatollahs. 

Liberals ask, "What's our interest in supporting a dictator that oppresses women and religious minorities?" They ask a very good question. I have no idea why the One supported Morsi in Egypt on his quest to become a dictator, with Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies burning down a number of Christian churches in the process. I also don't understand why our Maximum Leader did not do anything to encourage the 2009 Iranian protest against their theocratic and dictatorial government, whose slogan is, "Death to America." Perhaps The One We Were Waiting For, having been groomed by the Chicago Machine, believes that fixed elections are nothing to get upset about?  Clearly our Dear Leader favors the Iranians and the Muslim Brotherhood because their policies towards women and gays are so enlightened, in contrast to Congressional Republicans.