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Feb 8, 2014

"Comprehensive" Immigration Bills: Recipe for Disaster

Haven't Congressional Republicans learned by now that "comprehensive" anything is a recipe for government caused disaster by either malevolent hidden provisions or unintended consequences. We need to pass something that does not get made into a comprehensive mess in a conference committee run with remote control by Harry Reid. The basic premise for immigration ought to be a better than average chance of being able to support yourself in this country without any government assistance. To start on this, change the law so that anyone with a US college degree in Math or Technology can stay here as a permanent resident. Further state that becoming a citizen requires that no member of your family uses any government funded assistance, including the "refundable" low income tax credits or medicaid, for 5 to 7 years before becoming a citizen. Finally, remove all national origin preferences and all family preferences beyond parents, spouse and children. That should be comprehensive enough for anyone. Done. We don't need deals about enforcement that is never going to take place. We don't need deals that create a new subsidized class of Democrat votes. If we need some piece of the "Dream Act," it should stand on it's own and require an honorable discharge after 4 years military service. Getting a bachelor's degree in Sociology should not be a ticket to citizenship.

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