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Picture 2

Feb 9, 2014

Democrats Love to Lose Wars

The Democrats' attitude towards war is that it's a needless expense that drains money from domestic vote buying, I mean valid domestic needs. Part of the reason they can get away with this is that there were no "recriminations'" after the Vietnam defeat. Congressional Democrats cut off all of the money for supplying the South Vietnamese military while they were being attacked in 1975. This betrayal lead directly to the fall of Saigon and the infamous helicopter evacuation of the American Embassy there. While 500,000 Vietnamese fled the communists in leaky boats, and tens of thousands died in Vietnam and millions died in Cambodia, the left was proclaiming that there should be no recriminations. Now the Democrats are repeating their war losing strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Political Hack in Chief bugged out of Iraq as quickly as possible. He is also on his way out of Afghanistan. Once defeat is assured, the Democrats can argue that defense spending is futile, because it doesn't win wars. This argument justifies cuts in military spending which can enable satisfying more domestic needs to buy more votes. The right should learn that there should be the maximum amount of recriminations possible from this scandalous behavior. Swift boating selected candidates is not enough retribution to stop this liberal/progressive/Democrat strategy. 

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