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Picture 2

Feb 9, 2014

Green Cards, Not H1B Visas

I work in IT with a lot of people who would like a chance at citizenship. Some live here on H1B visas which tie them to a single employer. Others rotate here for 6 months of on the job training then are forced to return to their countries. There are even more who I deal with who live offshore because they can't get even a temporary visa. All of these folks are highly educated and very productive people. The immigration change we need is to allow these educated, productive people to come here and enrich our country instead of forcing them to live somewhere else. Proposing a bill to allow educated immigration for these people and their immediate families makes good economic sense. The Democrats would fight such a bill, because they want to increase the number of voters dependent on government largess that will vote for the Democrats who are giving them money. If they did fight such a simple bill or insisted that it could only be a part of a "comprehensive" package, we could call them racist! That would amuse this ignorant red neck very much. 

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