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Picture 2

Feb 9, 2014

Lawyer Obamacare Conflict of Interest

As a lawyer and professor of law, the author of the article on Obamacare referenced below has a conflict of interest. He and his fellow lawyers stand to make a lot less money under any Republican malpractice reform, which would make doctors cheaper at the expense of trial lawyers. Any trial lawyer would prefer Obamacare, with our Dear Leader changing "settled law" every day, creating more causes of action with every change. The author's whole reason for writing the article is to stop malpractice reform. The rest is just fluff to hide what he really wants. He really doesn't care if half the country loses their insurance as long as they want to sue some deep pocket insurance or health care company afterwards. That way he can skim off his third of the "pain and suffering" awards when he settles the cases. Citing the Congressional Budget Office as the authority on the benefits of malpractice reform is really funny. The CBO estimated Obamacare would save money.  LOL

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