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Picture 2

Feb 8, 2014

Liberal Smugness Unwaranted

I love the author's smugness in this article.  Liberal policies, both foreign and domestic, have resulted in multiple "man-made disasters."  Obamacare probably canceled more insurance than it granted.  Liberals proved they can't set up a web site.  The Libyan intervention went so well that 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi, but at this point what does it matter?  There has been no global warming in the last 15 years and a group of scientists studying global warming in Antarctica had their boat trapped in ice and had to be evacuated by helicopter.  We spent over a trillion bucks in "stimulus," but all it purchased was enough votes to reelect our Community Organizer in Chief.  Our unemployment rate is falling only because so many job seekers have given up.  Our red line on poison gas in Syria was erased after it was crossed.  We are negotiating with the Iranian mullahs, but we have scared other Middle Eastern countries so much that the Saudis and Israelis are becoming chummy in self defense.  If the Iranians get the bomb, and it's clear that the Smartest President Ever is not going to stop them, then we have a high risk of nuclear, or at least general war between the Israelis, Saudis, Kurds and Gulf States on one side, and the Iranians, Syrian Alawites and Hezbollah on the other.   We bugged out of Iraq so fast that now Al Qaeda is in control of Fallujah again.  We are set to bug out of Afghanistan and leave Al Qaeda and it's affiliates in charge there too.  So while liberals move from disaster to disaster with enthusiasm, the only problem worth talking about is aging red necks in the Republican Party who rightly think the government is too big, too broke and begging for more terrorism from jihadists.  It would seem that red necks like me are too ignorant to appreciate the glories of the One We All Were Waiting For.  By the way, why is the Tea Party racist by definition while Al Sharpton, who actually cheered on a race riot, is not?

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