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Picture 2

Feb 8, 2014

Funny Liberal Assumptions About Conservatives

Liberal assumptions about my beliefs are funny. They assume I'm a fundamentalist Christian with a racist tinge.  I actually believe that married gay couples need to own guns to protect their homes and marijuana plants. Just to save Liberals guessing wrong again, I go to a Protestant church once a year for Easter. My wife is not a Christian.  My sister in law is black and I'm really glad she married my brother.  It's amusing that liberals start the story of American education in the 1830's. It allows them to skip over falling test scores and graduation rates in inner city schools in more recent years. I don't think my grandmother teaching in a one room schoolhouse in Colorado in 1914 at the age of 16 has much to do with current conditions, although I do agree she was a successful teacher. I assume that union teachers are being paid for "voting right" as we say in Chicago, because the education they provide in inner city public schools is so poor there could be no other reason to pay them. Many voucher schools, like Milwaukee College Prep for example, are non sectarian. I suppose in the liberal mind any voucher school is a front for Jesus Freaks. I'm sure the Jewish philanthropist who raised the money to found Milwaukee College Prep would be surprised to hear he's just a front for Jesus. I still don't understand why Catholic charities have to be given a choice between signing an approval form for their insurance to pay for contraceptives and going out of business. I guess we all need to genuflect before taxpayer financed contraception. Why can't Sandra Fluke buy her own? They certainly don't cost that much. I guess Liberals would say it should be that way because they like it that way. Their intolerance for Christianity reminds me of the Taliban a lot more than religiously affiliated schools and charities they detest. Don't let me disturb the Liberals hour of hate. I'll play Emmanuel Goldstein for liberal convenience.

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