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Feb 16, 2014

Obama Wants to Govern Like It's 1649

George Washington has universal approval because he refused to be crowned as a king or dictator with emergency powers for life.  He believed the central government had to be strong enough to defend the country, but he believed in limits to power.  Washington, like all of the founders, believed in checks and balances.  The One We All Were Waiting For, by contrast, wants to be a king or dictator.  Like Charles I of England, our Dear Leader wants to rule by decree without having to get anything past the legislature, as his constant unilateral revisions of Obamacare “settled law” demonstrate. Progressive condescension conceals their ignorance of history, specifically the history of England from 1600 to 1789 that informed the drafters of the Constitution. The antics of Charles I (1600-1649) and his son James II (1633-1701) lead to the English Civil War (1646-1651) and later to the overthrow of James II in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The idea that government exists by the consent of the governed was first advanced by John Locke in 1688 in reaction to James II's claim to be king by divine right. Charles I and James II both had a habit of ignoring or bending the laws. This history lead to the Constitutional provision that the president "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." The Community Organizer in Chief has a habit of revising the laws by decree to suit himself, which undermines the rule of law. Since Progressive Liberals, like the author of this article, find little intellectual content in Conservative thought, it's likely they have no knowledge of this relevant history and are in favor of repeating it. I guess they have the benefit of a Progressive Liberal education. But I'm just an ignorant red neck, so don't mind me.

To me, the Community Organizer in Chief. looks like Charles I of England (1600 - 1649). Charles tried to rule without Parliament for 11 years. Our Dear Leader is talking about using his pen and phone to rule by decree. Charles thought he should be an absolute monarch by divine right. This is quite similar to the thoughts of The One We Weren't Really Waiting For. The Constitutional Professor in Chief believes he can grant exemptions to any law at any time, like refusing to collect Obamacare employer mandate taxes or the ordering the enforcement of the Dream Act for illegal aliens brought here as children after it failed to pass Congress. I believe we can solve our problems with the Smartest President Ever without following the historical pattern of Charles I. Charles' insistence on absolute power lead to the English Civil War. Charles I lost the Civil War he initiated by trying to arrest 5 members of Parliament on the floor of the house. Oliver Cromwell became a military dictator and executed Charles. We have the next 2 elections to fix the problem. It's important we give it our best shot to win these elections.

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