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Picture 2

Feb 9, 2014

Pravda Press Pattern of Republican Candidate Support

As the community organizer in chief is well aware, this "punish your enemies" behavior is expected of Chicago government. We've had a saying here for at least 50 years, "If you don't vote right, you don't get your streets fixed." The Washington Bridge closure is a national issue for the Pravda Press only because they have begun to worry that Governor Christie might have a chance against "Hillary The Inevitable." The media pattern is quite clear. First they build up a Republican "moderate" as a reasonable presidential hopeful. The buildup is designed to demonstrate the bipartisanship and objectivity of the Pravda Press. It also is intended to pull all Republicans leftward. When these "objective" reporters overdo the buildup, or start to believe their own propaganda, then they overcompensate and regretfully find that their former choice has fatal flaws. So they destroy their choice. The Pravda Press can repeat this as often as necessary in order to fill the time until the Democrats choose a nominee. Then they get busy straining at Republican gnats and swallowing Democratic camels. Once you've seen the pattern a few times, it's so predictable that it's funny. 

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