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Picture 2

Feb 8, 2014

Pravda Press Predictable Lies

This article is a prime example of the Pravda Press in action.  Every possible Republican is fatally flawed.  Any possible Democrat is an interesting possibility with lots of advantages.  Is the author reporting this article as an in-kind contribution to the Democratic Party?  Clinton left people she was responsible for protecting unprotected, unsupported and ultimately dead.  Nobody was fired, reprimanded or even scolded publicly for this criminal negligence.  Clinton says at this point what happened doesn't matter, and the Pravda Press accuses Republicans of Benghazi Syndrome for pursuing an investigation.  Chris Christie's aides cause a traffic jam and the administration loudly starts a criminal investigation.  The Pravda Press piles on with all sorts of unsubstantiated charges and then concludes Christie is too damaged to run for president.  When Democrats fail to patch Chicago potholes in neighborhoods that "voted wrong," everybody laughs about it.  The Democratic Party passes Obamacare using fraudulent promises, brings up a website that doesn't work and fails to build a back end to pass enrollment information accurately to insurance companies, and the Pravda Press says Obamacare is working well.  After 5 years of the Smartest President Ever, the unemployment rate is falling only because people have given up trying to look for work.  This is OK by the Pravda Press, because Bush did it.  At this point, reading the Pravda Press is mainly good for laughs at how far they will go to support "the narrative" of the left.  At this point, the facts don't seem to matter.

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