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Picture 2

Feb 16, 2014

Reagan Tops Obama on Job Creation

Reagan's policies created 5.32 million jobs net in his 1st term. Our Dear Leader's policies created 1.2 million. Reagan restrained government spending, cut regulation, worked with the Federal Reserve to curb inflation, and cut tax rates across the board. The Smartest President Ever did the opposite in every respect. He increased government "stimulus" spending, increased regulation, worked with the Federal Reserve to have lots of "quantitative easing" to expand the money supply, and raised tax rates on the rich. In Reagan's second term, 10.78 million net new jobs were created. Reagan inherited a much more troubled economy that the Community Organizer in Chief, with 13.5% inflation and increasing unemployment. Based on the results, Reagan's policies worked, and those of The One We All Were Waiting For did not.

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