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Picture 2

Mar 16, 2014

Affordable Care Act Not Affordable & Liberals Don't Care

The commentators of the Pravda Press are wondering where all their support from Millenials went.  It seems obvious to me.  Liberals are running a Ponzi scheme, borrowing today so the Millennials will have to pay later.  Pension and social spending promises are unsustainable, and can't continue at current levels when the Millenials try to collect.  Our Dear Leader has added $4.8 trillion in total Federal debt in just one term and is on pace to easily beat Bush's $6 trillion in 2 terms.  The suburbs of Washington, DC, contain 11 of the 25 richest counties in America.  So it looks like Federal spending in DC is making a lot of government workers and their connections a large part of the 1%.   Meanwhile, Millenials like my son in law take 2-3 years to find a job that uses their law degrees.   So how is the Pravda Press going to convince Millenials that Liberal Economies work better for everyone, not just the politically connected 1%?

Reality does not seem to be involved in the MSNBC world.  The Left's strategy of trying to run healthcare has totally failed, and alienated a lot of Millenials now without affordable health insurance.  The Affordable Care Act is not affordable and Liberals don't care.