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Picture 2

Mar 27, 2014

Constitution Protects "Religious Kooks"

This is a recent comment on Freedom of Religion by a typically tolerant liberal: “You should be thrilled if you religious kooks are afforded any freedom whatsoever, after all the atrocities and crimes you've been responsible for.”

The Bill of Rights contains Freedom of Religion. It specifically includes all of us religious kooks. By the way, I go to church once a year for Easter. Does that make me a religious kook, or is it my tolerance of other folks' religious beliefs that is the problem? Further, these rights are not from the government, according to the Declaration of Independence. They are God given rights. Where in the Constitution is a woman's right to free contraceptives? Where in the Constitution does it say that Freedom of Religion requires that the government approve of an individual's religious beliefs before he or she has any rights? 

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