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Picture 2

Mar 27, 2014

Free Market Best Way to Unravel Obamacare

Recently, Byron York wrote a piece on the difficulties of unwinding Obamacare.  I think the free market can easily adjust to Obamacare repeal.  I believe ACA repeal should be coupled with regulations that open the market for both medical insurance and medical care. The Republican consensus seems to be an interstate insurance market, tort reform, high risk pools and making private medical insurance payments deductible to individuals. We also need to require transparent pricing from healthcare providers. By transparent pricing, I mean that the hospitals and doctors need to publish price lists showing at least the asking price for common procedures. This would allow healthcare consumers to shop around. All of these feature together would bring beneficial changes very quickly. They should be implemented cold turkey, with no bureaucratic "transition period" which would likely be extended indefinitely. I think the speed with which the mess will be cleaned up will be a pleasant surprise. 

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