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Picture 2

Mar 16, 2014

Give US Army a Better Air Force

The Pentagon Budget assumes retirement of all of our best ground support aircraft, the A-10 "Warthog." As an Air Force vet, I have a solution to the A-10 "Warthog" problem. Give them to the US Army. They really want to keep "Warthogs" and would cut something else to keep them. The Air Force has never liked dedicating airplanes and pilots to the single purpose of tactical air support. The key is the plane is low tech. That means it's relatively cheap to maintain, but not the "dual capable" holy grail of USAF desire. The Army lost almost all of its aircraft in a deal in 1948 that gave the newly established Air Force all current and future fixed wing aircraft. Currently, the Army can only operate helicopters as attack aircraft. But helicopters are a lot less capable and a lot more expensive to operate than "Warthogs." Congress should revoke the 1948 deal and give all the A-10 aircraft to the US Army.  The Army should also be allowed to buy other fixed wing ground attack aircraft as needed in the future.

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