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Picture 2

Mar 16, 2014

How Much Government is Enough?

The Republican slogan for the 2014 election should be a repeated question that Democrats can't answer: "How much government is enough?" It summarizes our position and at the same time focuses the increasing mistrust voters have for ever bigger government. It should be on bumper stickers and buttons. It should be the first thing every Republican candidate says in their stump speech. It should be our first talking point for every media appearance. It should be everywhere the Democrats and their Pravda Press friends don't want it to be. From this starting point, it is easy to say Democrats want big government so much they lied through their teeth to get control of healthcare. The Affordable Healthcare Act is not affordable and liberals don't care. All of our other issues come back to the ever increasing size and power of government. The reason our economy is a mess is that the government is borrowing, taxing and regulating too much. Let's talk about the 1%. Eleven of the 25 richest counties in the US are Washington, DC, suburbs. Further government expansion will just impoverish the rest of the country and concentrate more of the 1% around DC.

I made this comment to this article.

Another commenter made the further suggestion that we should be spray painting it on walls, just to make sure everyone got the message.

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