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Mar 1, 2014

We HAVE to Close Ranks After the Primaries

I hope that the total lawlessness of our Dear Leader is remembered in November. The Republican establishment and tea party folks can fight all they want in the primaries. Once we have a nominee, whether we voted for the candidate or not, we HAVE to turn out and vote Republican in November. If we don't have Republican majorities in the House AND Senate, we have absolutely no chance to enact any of our agenda. Even a RINO is a sure vote against Obamacare. Any Democrat, no matter how "conservative" he tries to be during the election, is a sure vote for whatever Harry Reid and the Community Organizer in Chief cook up next. I we control both the House and Senate, we can pass a budget and appropriation bills in the normal order. The Smartest President Ever would then have to veto the bills to stop them. Again, even RINOs will vote for a much tighter budget than any Democrat, no matter what the Democrat promises to get elected, period. Conservatives sitting out the election in November because their candidate didn't get nominated are, in effect, voting for further mischief from The One We Weren't Really Waiting For.

I share the frustration that many conservatives have with GOP leadership. But during primaries is the time to have the argument. Once the candidate is nominated, I become a "Spot the Dog" Republican. I will vote for Spot the Dog if he has an R next to his name. I do this because our country's situation is becoming critical. If our Dear Leader gets away with ruling without Congress, the country becomes an elected dictatorship at best. Our Dear Leader and his friends have circumvented almost all of the checks and balances originally in the Constitution. The Pravda Press excuses this behavior with discussion about the meaning of "shall" in the Obamacare law. This has to be stopped as soon as possible, before we reach a point of no return. So even if the GOP candidate is not to my taste on a lot of issues, I vote for him because a Republican Congress is the only mechanism available to put a stop to creeping dictatorship before it's too late. We have to hang together because if we don't, we'll hang separately. 

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