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Picture 2

Apr 7, 2014

Does Man Made Global Warming Ignore Science?

Here's a little test for liberals who consider Human Caused Global Warming is "settled science."  It helps identify who's really denying scientific findings.  Do you deny that the Earth went through periodic ice ages followed by warming periods before man evolved? Do you deny that using 135 years of solid temperature measurements to predict climate changes that take place over thousands or millions of years is statistically absurd? Do you deny the worst ice age occurred from 850 to 630 million years ago (the Cryogenian period) and may have produced a Snowball Earth in which glacial ice sheets reached the equator? Do you deny that global warming occurred to end that ice age 630 million years ago and that man had not evolved yet? Do you deny that there was a Medieval Warm Period from about 850 AD to 1250 AD? Do you deny that human activity was not responsible for the the Medieval Warm Period? Do you deny that the Medieval Warm Period was followed by a Little Ice Age from about 1350 AD to 1800 AD? Do you deny that your liberal education left you ignorant of all of these events?   Liberals, face facts.  You are denying a lot more science than you even knew existed to believe the climate alarmists who basically created a doomsday cult to gain more government funded research grants.  

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