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Based on solid evidence, CIA has high confidence Russian hacks were intended to help Trump win.

Jun 28, 2014

Guerilla Lawfare to Harass The One

Conservatives clearly need better legal tactics to bring home just how lawless Mr. Pen and Phone is. I think we need to act more like Mean Green Environmental groups and aggressive tort lawyers in a guerrilla lawfare campaign of harassment against the Prevaricator in Chief. What's at stake here is the survival of Constitutional government in America. The One's unilateral changing of the Obamacare law, as well as a lot of other laws, is a precedent for the complete destruction of Constitutional limited government. To paraphrase Joe Biden, this is a BFD. Checks and balances are being smashed, while the Chicago Hack in Chief pretends he's mayor of Chicago. If our current Dear Leader gets away with this, no future Dear Leader will feel bound by any law. Future presidents will be elected dictators. This is not the time to say nobody has standing to sue without filing a ton of lawsuits using every possible theory, no matter how far fetched, to find someone with the legal standing to sue. Sue early and often, just like the Mean Green Environmental groups do to preserve the delta smelt. To solve the legal standing problem, find some employee of a 50-99 employee exempted company who is willing to sue. Do as the tort lawyers do and advertise for people injured by the delays of Obamacare or other unilaterally changed laws. Keep filing using different theories until we get a favorable ruling somewhere. File in multiple circuits, so if you lose in one but win in another the Supremes will have to hear the case. Shamelessly shop for the most conservative venues. Don't you think the environmental groups do just that for every dam they want to stop? Ask for temporary injunctions to stop the lawless behavior. Just like the Mean Green groups, even if you lose, the free publicity is worth it. It would be a big tactical mistake to have only one lawsuit. Boehner's House lawsuit should be only one of many lawsuits filed.  If any outrage of the last 50 years deserved a conservative full court press, this is it. Why are we just rolling over and playing dead?