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Jun 22, 2014

No Woodward & Bernstein for IRS Scandal

The Pravda Press has taken support for our Dear Leader to new heights.  The article in the link below flunks the Nixon test so badly it hurts. If you change the names from the Chicago Prodigy in Chief and friends to Richard Nixon and his minions, there is no way you can imagine an article making excuses for the current administration.  I work in IT. In order to lose emails under normal conditions, someone has to delete them in multiple places. There is no way that a crash on a single PC wipes out all copies of a year's worth of emails, let alone 2 years. In private business, Sarbanes Oxley records have to be retained for 7 years. What retention of IRS records is required by law? Does IRS truly reuse backup tapes every 6 months? If so, they have moved back to the Nixon era from a technological point of view. So the best interpretation of the known facts is that the government can't run any technological operation. Backing up an email system is not rocket science. So the best interpretation leads to the conclusion that the government should be radically downsized to keep them out of activities they have no ability to perform. If we take off the article's rosy colored glasses, the facts reek of cover-up. The article reeks of a search for any possible scenario for plausible deniability, no matter how unlikely. I had no idea that Bloomberg is a front for the Democrats. I don't see Woodward and Bernstein or a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism in this article.

In the private sector, the lack of a legal hold on the emails would be a crime. If there was a legal hold, how did all of the email backup tapes get erased? So obviously there was no legal hold, or at least none that was actually complied with. I think the best possible interpretation of the known facts is that the government is incompetent technologically. If that's the case, then government needs to be radically downsized to remove functions that it is technically incompetent to perform. If instead this is the cover-up that I believe it to be, then people ought to lose their jobs, starting with Koskinen and ending with most of the management of the Information Technology email functions at the IRS. The ranks of the fired should include all IRS civil servants above GS-12 who don't know enough to backup an email system. Since this is unlikely as long as the Chicago Hack in Chief is running things, Congress should reduce all of the civil service managers responsible by 2 pay grades, and cut the IRS budget to match.