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Jul 19, 2014

Obama's Legacy of Selective Enforcement

The Chicago Political Hack in Chief has a great record of selective enforcement. If Congress fails to pass the Dream Act, Mr. Pen and Phone creates a dream act on his own. Imagine what Dick Cheney could have done with power like this. For example, imagine unlimited oil and gas drilling on all western federal land, including all of California, offshore of any blue state and, especially, the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. If our Dear Leader can decide not to collect Obamacare taxes on employers without proper health plans, a future President Ted Cruz can refuse to collect taxes on oil companies. Unless you Progressives plan never to lose an election again, you better start thinking about how current precedents could be used against you. Or perhaps Progressives don't believe in elections with consequences any more.

Jul 10, 2014

Inflation Picks Up

Food prices are soaring.  This is classic inflation fueled in the classic manner. We've had how many bouts of "Quantitative Easing" from the Federal Reserve? I've lost count. "Quantitative Easing" is government's way of saying they are electronically printing money in order to bail out the banks. We have managed to duplicate the conditions that lead to stagflation under Jimmy Carter. We have vastly increased government regulation, raised tax rates for "the rich" and created lots of loose money chasing too few goods. We have the expected result: stagnant growth and growing inflation. Excluding food and energy from inflation measures is the Federal Reserve's way of cooking the books. Ordinary folks are noticing that inflation is rampant in food and energy, so they are not fooled. As Milton Freedman said, "Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon." In other words, the Fed electronically printing gobs of money caused the inflation we're seeing now. 

Middle East Mess Caused by Global Warming and George W. Bush

On further review, I find that the mess in the Middle East was caused by a combination of global warming and George W. Bush. Our Dear Leader was at a fund raiser and playing golf when the mess happened, so he had nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact, the first he heard of it was when he read about it in the newspapers. The White House TV system had crashed at the time and email wasn't working either, so the Smartest President Ever had Valerie Jarrett read the story to him from hard copy. The Chicago Machine Prodigy said he was outraged and that the situation was unacceptable. No one could have predicted the ISIS attacks in Iraq because they started as a small demonstration in reaction to an internet video, according to Susan Rice. The President said that if Iraqis liked their country, they could keep their country, period. 

Hobby Lobby Returns Us to 2010, Not 1965

I think the Contraception Mandate was designed to cause the current Supreme Court ruling against it. They really didn't expect to get away with it, they just wanted a ruling to complain about. Liberal hysteria will be effective only if it's left unanswered. Conservative ads have to point out that the morning after pill costs 50 bucks. Regular daily contraception pills can be purchased for $9 a month. We are not talking big money here. The other thing we have to drive home is that we have gone back to the law as it was in GASP! 2010. We are not going back to 1965 or 1970. Contraceptives can still be purchased at your corner pharmacy, even in Connecticut. We are not back to abortions with coat hangers unless you're going to Kermit Gosnell's clinic. Griswold v Connecticut and Roe v Wade are still the law. This hysteria is as big a con game as "If you like your plan..." Conservative ads out to say so, maybe ending with the tag line, "Do you really trust the folks who told you that you could keep your plan under Obamacare to tell the truth about birth control?"

Liberals: Control Your Personal Carbon Emissions!

Unfortunately, the Prevaricator in Chief and his buddies in the Pravda Press are not interested in helping the world avoid Jihadist chaos. There has been no global warming for 17 years, but global warming true believers don't want to be bothered with the facts. Their minds are already made up. It seems that our Dear Leader thinks the theoretical possibility of global warming is much more dangerous than the actual risks of terrorist attacks, or worse, Iran with nukes. I think the place for global warming true believers to start controlling carbon dioxide emissions is with their personal exhalations of CO2. They should try to hold their breath for as long as possible. Liberals need to remember, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." 
Link for global warming:

66 Years of Inheriting Refugee Status

Palestinians have been "refugees" from generation to generation since 1948. Israel has managed to resettle up to 800,000 Jews expelled from Muslim countries since 1948.  At the same time, Muslim countries with a lot more land than Israel have failed to resettle 710,000 Palestinian refugees. Instead, Muslim countries have kept Palestinian refugees in camps and made it illegal for them to work. Palestinians have been held hostage by their own Muslim brothers to force a perpetual war with Israel. Working through the UN, Muslim countries have made status as a Palestinian refugee hereditary. There are now about 4,950,000 Palestinian refugees, subsidized through the UN. Most of them are descendants of the original refugees. Isn't it time to end subsidies to Palestinian refugees? .Isn't it time for the world to encourage Muslim countries to admit Palestinians as immigrants allowed to work? Isn't it time for 66 years of refugee status to end?

Jul 8, 2014

Impeach IRS Chief Koskinen

The only way to stop our Dear Leader is impeachment. However, impeaching the Chicago Machine Hack in Chief would backfire because the Pravda Press will fight tooth and nail to save him.  The Clinton Impeachment showed that people don’t want to see presidents impeached.  We need to take what military strategist call an indirect approach and attack the administration’s weakest link.  Since this is one big happy crime family, we need to do what prosecutors often do with crime families and start with the underlings. I nominate IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for impeachment. He's an arrogant bureaucrat who is an old white guy. As an old white guy myself, I have noticed that the Pravda Press does not rush to defend old white guys. Besides, everybody hates the IRS, so a lot of voters would love to see an IRS Commissioner worked over by Congress. It would poll well because most polls on the IRS email scandal show as many as 70% of those polled don't believe the IRS accidentally lost the emails.  This strategy will trump the race card and raise the profile of lawless behavior by the Prevaricator in Chief and his minions.  It may also encourage the IT guys in the IRS to tell investigators what they know.  Even if the Senate fails to convict him, it will put the fear of God into other Democrats in appointed positions.  Maybe they will think twice before they ignore the law again.  When you are faced with a large criminal conspiracy like the Prevaricator in Chief and his minions, you need to find the weakest link.  Koskinen is our Dear Leader’s weakest link.

Article on the IRS: