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Based on solid evidence, CIA has high confidence Russian hacks were intended to help Trump win.

Jul 10, 2014

66 Years of Inheriting Refugee Status

Palestinians have been "refugees" from generation to generation since 1948. Israel has managed to resettle up to 800,000 Jews expelled from Muslim countries since 1948.  At the same time, Muslim countries with a lot more land than Israel have failed to resettle 710,000 Palestinian refugees. Instead, Muslim countries have kept Palestinian refugees in camps and made it illegal for them to work. Palestinians have been held hostage by their own Muslim brothers to force a perpetual war with Israel. Working through the UN, Muslim countries have made status as a Palestinian refugee hereditary. There are now about 4,950,000 Palestinian refugees, subsidized through the UN. Most of them are descendants of the original refugees. Isn't it time to end subsidies to Palestinian refugees? .Isn't it time for the world to encourage Muslim countries to admit Palestinians as immigrants allowed to work? Isn't it time for 66 years of refugee status to end?