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Picture 2

Jul 8, 2014

Impeach IRS Chief Koskinen

The only way to stop our Dear Leader is impeachment. However, impeaching the Chicago Machine Hack in Chief would backfire because the Pravda Press will fight tooth and nail to save him.  The Clinton Impeachment showed that people don’t want to see presidents impeached.  We need to take what military strategist call an indirect approach and attack the administration’s weakest link.  Since this is one big happy crime family, we need to do what prosecutors often do with crime families and start with the underlings. I nominate IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for impeachment. He's an arrogant bureaucrat who is an old white guy. As an old white guy myself, I have noticed that the Pravda Press does not rush to defend old white guys. Besides, everybody hates the IRS, so a lot of voters would love to see an IRS Commissioner worked over by Congress. It would poll well because most polls on the IRS email scandal show as many as 70% of those polled don't believe the IRS accidentally lost the emails.  This strategy will trump the race card and raise the profile of lawless behavior by the Prevaricator in Chief and his minions.  It may also encourage the IT guys in the IRS to tell investigators what they know.  Even if the Senate fails to convict him, it will put the fear of God into other Democrats in appointed positions.  Maybe they will think twice before they ignore the law again.  When you are faced with a large criminal conspiracy like the Prevaricator in Chief and his minions, you need to find the weakest link.  Koskinen is our Dear Leader’s weakest link.

Article on the IRS: