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Picture 2

Oct 5, 2014

Which Party is Racist?

The Pravda Press loves to call Republicans racist, based on some original sin Nixon committed in 1968 with his “Southern Strategy.”  I think the Democrats have a current history of racist results that they ignore in order to favor a special interest group.  The situation in predominately black inner city schools is horrifying. However the Democrats will fight any move towards vouchers, even to the point of Eric Holder’s Justice Department suing the state of Louisiana because too many black children are going to charter schools. Republicans want voucher programs so minority inner city children can be educated. Democrats want union public schools so union teachers will contribute to their campaigns and minority children will stay uneducated and dependent on the government. So who's racist?

If you think the quality of education in unionized inner city schools is worth what the teachers are paid, then you’re a deluded Democrat. I think that documentaries like "Waiting for Superman" show that so many inner city parents want alternatives for their children's education, they have to have a lottery to allocate the slots. If the public school education is not worth what union teachers are paid, what are they being paid for? It has to be political. There's no other possible reason.

Eric Holder sued the State of Louisiana to stop school choice because the high quality private schools had a higher percentage of minorities than the public schools. Why is choice great for abortions, but not allowed for education?