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Jan 24, 2015

Make a Deal? Obama's In Your Face!

Republicans are still being told they have to compromise with the president even though they shellacked the Democrats in the 2014 election.  However, the Pravda Press is not holding our Dear Leader to any standard of compromise.  “Barack Obama is in Your Face” was the title of Roger Simon’s column on the State of the Union Address.  Mr. Simon was thrilled about the President’s fighting words and veto threats. 

As an ignorant redneck, I don't understand how fighting words and veto threats show that the Chicago Machine Prodigy is willing to negotiate and compromise with Republicans. In Montana where I grew up, if you're in somebody's face you don't expect to make a deal with the guy. You defiantly expect to roll right over him and there's nothing he can do about it. I've lived in Chicago for years and I've seen this behavior before from several mayors when dealing with Republicans. Chicago mayors can do this because they have the votes even before the ghosts cast their ballots. Our Dear Leader does not seem to have made the adjustment to the fact that the Congress is not the Chicago City Council. He's in the Republicans' face, as Roger Simon points out. To me, this indicates that the Smartest President Ever has decided not to compromise on anything. He's decided he wants Harry Reid's gridlock to continue. The only difference is that this time it's obvious the party of no is the Democrats.

The question is whether this tactic will help the Democrats in 2016.  I don’t think so.  The Republicans did not get voted out of power in 2012, although they lost a few seats. They more than made up for what they lost in 2014. The First Black President will not be running in 2016. I don't think Hillary the Inevitable will turn out anywhere near as many minority voters as President Obama did. As far as why the President should compromise, I thought he said that's what he wants to do. My point was that despite his hand wave towards compromise, he has done everything he can to troll for angry Republican responses. Our Dear Leader likes gridlock. That's why Harry Reid ran the Senate to avoid voting on anything, especially bills that passed the House or Republican amendments to bills in either Senate committee or on the floor of the Senate. The change is that blaming it on the Republicans will no longer be possible. It's obvious where the no is coming from now. No amount of Pravda Press obfuscation can hide Presidential vetoes.

Why did Obama win in 2012?  I think our Dear Leader's unsurpassed ability to lie, backed by the Pravda Press motivated in part by their white guilt, got him through 2012. "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," was the biggest presidential lie since the Vietnam war. The Benghazi lies in support of the Barry the Magnificent's declaration of victory over Al Qaeda were also a substantial help to his reelection. Everybody knew the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda offshoot fairly soon after the attack, but it became a protest of an internet video to support Obama's victory declaration with a timely assist by debate moderator Candy Crowley. Now that the true extent of the disasters in foreign and domestic policy are apparent, polls show a large majority of voters wished they had elected Romney. The lies made the difference, and white guilt in the Pravda Press got the lies crucial media support.

I guess we will have to do the experiment. The Prevaricator in Chief will continue to proclaim his readiness to work with Republicans while he does everything he can to provoke them and not work with them. He will continue to tell whoppers like, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period." Republicans in Congress will pass reasonable bipartisan bills which President No will veto. In 2016, the Republican presidential nominee will have a legislative platform to run on. Hillary the Inevitable will run on lies and Benghazi negligence. We'll see just how gullible the voters are. After all, Democrat BS worked in 2008 and white guilt backed by BS worked in 2012. Maybe more Democrat BS will work in 2016.