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Feb 1, 2015

Big Government and War, Not Swearing Women, Hukabee

Women swearing is not important enough to be talking about. The fact that we are talking about it means that Huckabee is not presidential material. My grandmother, a Methodist minister's daughter born in 1898 who grew up in Rifle, Colorado, swore like a sailor, smoked, drank and taught me how to play poker when I was an 8 year old kid. As far as I know, none of this was a threat to the Republic.

The crises the country faces are big expensive government at home and war overseas. Social issues are irrelevant to our national survival. Worse emphasizing social issues costs us votes. Some of the most conservative gun nuts I know are gay. Generally they vote Republican, but they don't vote for social conservatives. Huckabee has nothing to offer on anything that's important either to the economy or foreign policy. Therefore, he should go back to work as a TV personality. In his spare time he should watch Free to Choose TV and learn some economics.

As an Air Force veteran, I am familiar with a concept called target servicing. Basically, you shoot first at the most threatening targets. To me, the most threatening targets are Iran with nuclear weapons, Jihadist terrorists and economic collapse brought on by overspending. None of these is a social issue.

Huckabee’s view of the family is nice but perhaps reverses cause and effect. The reason for the collapse of the family is a welfare system that subsidizes family collapse. It pays more if daddy ain't in the house. It pays more if nobody works. Once work requirements were added, the welfare expense went down. If we restructure entitlements and quit subsidizing idleness, we'll get less of it as well as prevent economic collapse.

I don’t see how gay couples threaten the family structure at all.  All my gay friends seem to want is middle class respectability and the rights and privileges granted to married couples.  If anything, their desire for admittance to the structure of marriage shows their admiration of it, not any desire to tear it down.