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Mar 1, 2015

Pravda Press: Congress Must Fund Unconstitutional Program

The Pravda Press is concentrating on the horror of the Department of Homeland Security not being funded.  Secondarily they are arguing that the president’s immigration program is a good program.  This is not just some fight over funding Homeland Security or immigration policy. This is a fight over whether we have the rule of law under the Constitution or an elected dictatorship with no checks and balances. No matter whether you like the outcome or not, allowing any president to rule by decree undermines the rule of law. The president justifies his executive actions on immigration by saying Congress failed to act. What this means is that, by his own admission, Obama is circumventing the law. Saying other presidents issued executive orders is a red herring. When Bush issued signing statements, E. J. Dionne went ballistic with complaints. President Obama has gone beyond signing statements with his executive actions on immigration. He has changed the law unilaterally, adding provisions for work permits and green cards for people who do not qualify under the law for either. If the president can decree anything he likes with no checks or balances, then the Constitution is a dead letter. Congress and the Judiciary are no longer required. We have an elected dictator with no checks and balances. Liberals must believe their own propaganda that Hillary is inevitable, because any Republican with that kind of power ought to scare the crap out of them. Imagine Jeb Bush, Scott Walker or Bobby Jindal being able to issue decrees that change the law. What scares me is the death of limited government by law is happening right now, with nobody taking any notice of what's being lost.
Even SNL Gets It:
E. J. Dionne Doesn’t Get It

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