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May 3, 2015

Liberal Vietnam Narrative Is Orwellian Lie

The Vietnam War article linked below, like many articles this week, is Orwellian in that it edits the past in order to control the future. It states as fact all of the self-serving left wing lies about the Vietnam War, including the whopper that mass executions did not occur.
We did not start the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese started the war after agreeing to a peace treaty and partition, then ignoring what they agreed to and starting a guerrilla war in South Vietnam. We became involved as part of the containment strategy of the time. There is no way we could have avoided involvement given the prevailing attitudes about Communist expansionism. As the war progressed, we were trying to prevent a bloodbath that would result from a complete Communist takeover in Indochina. Given the ultimate outcome, people like me who expected the Communists to kill thousands were proved to be overly optimistic. They killed millions.
We signed the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 and guaranteed the South Vietnamese that we would support them if the North broke the agreement. Then Congress, dominated by Democrats, cut 75% of the military aid to South Vietnam. Once the invasion from the North started, Congress outlawed any US air support. We did not support the South Vietnamese at all.
The Communist Khmer Rouge killed 2 million Cambodians. The Communists in Vietnam and Laos killed several hundred thousand people. About 2 million people were placed in forced labor camps called "reeducation" camps in Vietnam. About 2 million Vietnamese fled Vietnam in leaky boats to escape the persecution and slaughter. Many drowned when their boats sank before reaching safety.
About 10 times more people died after the war was officially over than died during the war.
The Antiwar Crowd never even noticed the slaughter the success of their protests caused. They are proud to this day of their successful effort to stop the war, or more precisely the American involvement in the war. These same folks are running US foreign policy right now, with 200,000 deaths in Syria alone and still counting. As a Vietnam Era veteran who as an ROTC cadet got called a trained killer and spit at a lot, I am tired of ignorant leftists calling Vietnam a meaningless war or a failure from the start. It was meaningless only in the sense that American leftists ignored the bloody disastrous results for self-serving reasons. It was a failure because the left wanted it to fail. They wanted a peace dividend to spend buying votes domestically, no matter how many Asians got killed in the process.
When challenged on post Vietnam War events, liberal responses fail to address the post war deaths and refugees. All they want to talk about is American war crimes.

The Vietnam War Crimes Working Group found 320 war crimes after examining all the evidence. Vietnam Veterans Against the War, including especially John Kerry, are liars who promoted the fiction that everyone in uniform committed war crimes routinely, including people like me who never left the US and in my entire military career fired only 72 rounds from a .38 caliber pistol at a target. There's a reason Mr. Kerry got "Swift Boated." Here's a link for the war crimes:
The president who escalated the war to over 500,000 US soldiers was Lyndon Johnson, D. Texas. He did this while lying, repeatedly promising that he would send no more troops to Vietnam while the troops were boarding ships to go there. The description "credibility gap" was invented for him. I know he's a Great Society and Civil Rights Act hero, but it's Orwellian to try to blame Richard Nixon for Lyndon Johnson's escalations.
Liberals are still apologists for Communist genocide. Their entire effort is a red herring lie to distract attention from the bloody results of leftist folly. Liberals don't care about the victims because they were Asians so they don't count, and because the perpetrators were Communists and liberals have no enemies on the left.

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  1. The myth I like to pick apart is the one about how "Kennedy was going to pull out of Vietnam because he was good, and only bad people wanted us to be in Vietnam"(Propagated by Oliver Stone and every other JFK conspiracy theorist).