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Picture 2

Jul 12, 2015

Let's Treat Illegals the Way Mexico Does

I believe we should be every bit as tolerant of illegal aliens as Mexico is in its Constitution. Illegal immigrants in Mexico generally get deported. If foreigners use false documents to get into Mexico, it's a felony and they got to jail. In Mexico, even legally naturalized citizens are barred from almost all government jobs. The Mexican government can deport any foreigner administratively. No judicial finding is required. Foreigners have to register and produce their documents on demand, in Mexico. There is a national population registry in which the Mexican government tracks every person in the country. If you go to Mexico as a tourist, you are given an exit slip to turn in when you leave. If you don't leave on time, Federales start looking for you.

As you read this, you’re thinking we’d need a Constitutional Amendment to treat people this badly.  OK, you're right. We can't be as nasty to illegal aliens as Mexico is because the US Constitution won't allow it. Actually that was my point.  Realistically, we can’t even aspire to their level.  Think about what that says about pro illegal immigration groups with Mexican origins.

Here are some links with extensive quotes from the Mexican Constitution.

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