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Picture 2

Jul 21, 2015

Who's the Bigger Spender, Bush or Obama?

Liberals are still trying to tell everyone that Bush is a bigger spender than Obama.  What I look at are the total debt figures published by the US Treasury. Using Treasury figures, the total federal debt now stands at $18.15 trillion. On 9/30/2009 at the start of the first full fiscal year of the Obama administration, the debt was $11.91 trillion. Doing the math gives an increase of $6.24 trillion so far for Obama. On 9/30/2001, the start of the first full fiscal year after Bush took office, the debt was at $5.81 trillion. Subtracting that from the 11.91 trillion in 2009, we get $6.1 trillion for Bush's full 8 years. Using just simple math and US government figures, Obama is already ahead with more than 2 years to go. The figures liberals are using are contrived to hide what's actually going on. The net debt figures are never messed with. These are readily available figures, but they are never mentioned on MSNBC, because liberals believe that welfare comes from an always full pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and never has to be worked for or paid for.

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