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Picture 2

Jul 13, 2015

Why Liberals See Racism Everywhere

In the past year, the loud dominating liberal drum beat of racism charges has been a constant presence in domestic news coverage.  Any evidence to the contrary is ignored.  In 2014, South Carolina elected a Tea Party Republican to finish out the Senate term of Jim DeMint.  This doesn't sound too exciting until you look at Tim Scott's picture.  Mr. Scott is the first black Senator ever elected by South Carolina, the Cradle of the Confederacy.  The liberal press didn't think Mr. Scott's election was newsworthy, so they didn't cover it.  Liberals try to hold on to black votes by giving the impression that Jim Crow racism is alive and almost unchanged throughout the country.  Further, all of the racism they see is brought to you by lily white Republicans.  When an event, like Mr. Scott's election, does not fit this narrative, it's ignored.  

If black voters actually examined the record of what Democrats have done for them, or more accurately to them, black voters would not give 90% of their votes to Democrats.  The worst pockets of inner city minority poverty have almost without exception been under one party governments for generations.  The record of failure is quite clear.  Fear is needed to motivate minority voters stuck in these hell holes to keep voting for the failed policies that leave them with no hope.

This isn't to say that racism has been totally eliminated.  But saying that racism today is just as bad as it was in 1963 is ridiculous.  In 1963, Tim Scott couldn't even have registered to vote in South Carolina.  Now, he's US Senator Scott. 

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