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Sep 23, 2015

Approval of Terrorism Makes Muslim Refugees Less Sympathetic

There were some complaints last week that Muslims would try to turn countries that gave them refuge into replicas of the countries they fled.  Voting to repeat the same policies that wrecked the place you left is not a uniquely Muslim characteristic. Liberal California "expats" continue to vote liberal Democrat in places like Texas even though they had to leave California to escape the results of liberal policies they are still voting for.
The uniquely Muslim problem is that a large minority of Muslims seems to approve of men, women and children blowing themselves up as long as they can take a few infidels with them. The Muslim culture as a whole does not seem to strongly condemn these acts. This is a dynamite combination of facts that result in innocent Muslim high school students being arrested for bringing home made clocks to class. While the incident sounds stupid, the conditions behind it are deadly serious. The Muslim community has to have the moral and physical courage to denounce religiously motivated terrorism. If they are reluctant to do this, how can they expect any country, even any Muslim country, to resettle Muslim refugees on their territory. The physical risks to any host country may be low, but the political risks are quite high. How can any politician argue that we should help these people when doing so means we are importing potential terrorists, even if the fraction of potential terrorists is only 1%. The Boston Marathon bombers were Muslims who sought and received political asylum. In addition, the public sees news videos of Muslim street celebrations of terrorist attacks, and news stories of stipends paid to the relatives of dead Muslim terrorists. Does anyone think this is good public relations when it comes to allowing the immigration of Muslim refugees? The public is asking why should we take the chance? Charges of racism are wearing out from over use. The suspicions of Muslim refugees are well founded and based on the Muslim community's reluctance to openly and loudly condemn the religious violence that travels with them. If Muslims want quick acceptance as refugees, Muslims have to denounce religious violence in their communities.

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