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Picture 2

Sep 20, 2015

An Explanation for Trump Coverage

Brace yourself for a complete change of tune in the Trump coverage. The Pravda Press slants everything in a way they think will benefit the Democrats. Right now they want to sow as much confusion as possible in the Republican primary. At the moment Trump gets a boost because the media, rightly or wrongly, see him as less threatening or more divisive than the other candidates near the top of the polls. It’s a bonus for them that Trump draws big audiences, but the Pravda Press would cut him dead if he really looks good to win the general election, audience or no audience.  If Trump begins to flame out, lame stream media will boost whoever they think is the next most divisive or least threatening candidate.  Once the Republican nomination is settled, then whoever it is, including Trump, will suddenly become the worst thing since VD. Since the general election "debates" are going to be everybody against the Republican, it's good practice for the front runner to have an everybody against him debate. Remember moderator Candy Crowley's assist for Barack Obama in the 2012 debate when Benghazi was the topic? She interrupted Mitt Romney to tell the audience that Obama had declared the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. In fact, that was definitely not true. So don’t get lulled into a belief the Pravda Press has suddenly seen the light.  The reality is the Pravda Press operates based on its prevailing ideology, even to the point of bankruptcy. The reason FOX News is so roundly criticized is because they don't play the bias game almost everybody else does.

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