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Oct 25, 2015

Liberals' Contempt for Truth, Law and Responsibility

This week Liberals demonstrated their total contempt for truth and the rule of law.  Liberals also demonstrated domestic politics and personal convenience are much more important to them than national security.  The only thing Liberals are really good at is avoiding responsibility for any of their decisions and getting their supporters in the press to justify whatever the outcomes are as brilliant, unavoidable or Bush’s fault.

First, on the facts leading up to the Benghazi attack, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was responsible for the protection of State Department personnel in Benghazi.

The 16 member Army Special Forces team assigned to protect State Department personnel in Libya plus a six-member State Department elite force called a Mobile Security Deployment team followed orders and left Libya in August, 2012. This was about a month before the attack. The embassy in Tripoli, Libya, asked repeatedly to retain them, and asked repeatedly for more security after they left, but the State Department denied all of the requests.  The nobody in the Obama Administration has ever explained who ordered the extra security teams home and why the order was given.  However, it’s clear from a military point of view that the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was responsible.

Military commanders who fatally weaken their defenses before a successful enemy attack do not get promoted. Hillary is asking to be promoted to Commander in Chief.
The House Committee’s political motives for investigating the Benghazi attacks don't change these facts.  Here are the links on the security teams’ withdrawal:

Hillary Clinton’s 11 hours of testimony before the Benghazi Committee is very easy to summarize.  “I lied, so what.”  All of the nit picking excuses in the world, and Hillary and her defenders have tried to come up with all of them, don’t change the fact that the entire Obama Administration knowingly said that the Benghazi attack was tied to an internet video when they knew that it was a planned terrorist attack by Ansar Al Sharia, an Al Qaeda affiliate.  Getting all emotional about all those Republican men verbally beating up on a poor little old grandmother is a smoke screen.  People died, then Hillary lied.

At this point Liberals start talking about attacks on American Embassies during Republican presidential terms.   The difference between previous attacks on American Embassies and the Benghazi attack is that the Republican Administrations didn't try to cover up who made the attacks and why they were made. Just like in Watergate, the cover up is the big problem here.

Moving on to Hillary’s email server, the talking points here are that none of the information on the server was marked as classified.  The information is classified whether it has the secret stamp on it or not. The law does not say it has to be stamped to be classified. Information that describes intelligence sources and methods, for example, is something that everyone except the completely clueless knows is classified at least secret and more likely top secret. Everyone also knows that ignorance is not a defense, and I don't think any Hillary supporter would want to claim she was ignorant of the law anyway, or would they? 

The server did not meet federal standards for handling classified material. The server was not even set up to meet commercial standards of preserving privacy and preventing hacking. A subcontractor was backing up the data both on site and in a cloud.  Hillary's folks didn't even know it was happening. We are talking extreme, perhaps criminal, negligence here. 

Taking or receiving classified material at home and putting it on your own private email server is a slam dunk prosecution for mishandling classified material, a felony with a potential 10 year prison sentence. As someone with over 40 years in IT, it's my professional opinion that any foreign intelligence service that wanted the information could have stolen it from Hillary's private email server easily, leaving very little trace of their intrusion. If a Republican federal office holder at any elected or appointed level did this, they would be indicted and awaiting trial right now. The Pravda Press would be screaming for their blood. Since it's Hillary, the whole investigation is politically motivated and there's nothing worth investigating. The corruption of the mainstream media is monumentally disgusting. They are willing to tolerate a candidate for president who put her personal convenience above national security.

Finally we get to the veto of the National Defense Authorization Act.  This veto is another example of how Liberals put partisan politics ahead of national security.  President Obama is holding the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force as hostages so he can extort more domestic spending from Congress.  President Obama doesn't care how many people ISIS kills in Syria, as long as he can spend as much as he wants domestically to buy votes for Democrats.  Just so you know, the bill Obama vetoed did not spend any money.  It did prohibit closing Guantanamo prison where 116 Jihadist killers are still being held.  It also changed some other regulations and increased pay scales if the money was authorized to fund it.

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