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Nov 8, 2015

Republicans Need to Leak More Investigation Results

Republicans have no reason to expect Pravda Press coverage to be anything but Democrat's propaganda. For that reason, Republicans should give advance notice of everything they find in investigations to conservative media outlets well before Democrats testify in committee hearings. That gives the truth a head start before the Democrats start to drown it out with talking points which are divorced from reality. No mainstream lefty media should be able to scoop conservative media outlets on conservative events ever again. If the Hillary Clinton's emails about Al Qaeda involvement in Benghazi had been Fox News headlines and Wall Street Journal editorials 2 days before her testimony, it would have been much harder for the Pravda Press to ignore them as nothing new.  Keeping them a secret until the day of the hearings served no useful purpose.

Hillary's Many Unanswered Questions

The Pravda Press has worked overtime in playing the Benghazi hearings as a waste of time. But they are not. To this day, nobody knows who ordered 16 US Army Special Forces Soldiers and 6 Diplomatic Protection agents out of Libya in August, 2012. Nobody knows why there were no US forces on alert in Europe, Africa or the Middle East to support diplomatic facilities in case of attack. Before the investigation, nobody knew Hillary had her own private, very poorly protected, email server. Before the hearing, nobody knew that Hillary knew she was lying when she made public statements about the video being the cause of the attack. The committee did a very good job of finding things considering that when they started they got a stone wall response to every subpoena they issued.

The hearings played out exactly as I expected. Hillary lied smoothly and splendidly. Liberal idiots (redundant?) swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker. The new information was that Hillary knew the day of the attack that Ansar Al-Sharia, an Al Qaeda affiliate, planned and carried out a successful terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate and the CIA Annex. This means she knowingly lied about the attack being the result of an internet video. In spite of the evidence, Hillary, the Prada Press and the whole liberal propaganda machine insists that she didn't lie. 

The FBI works for the Justice Department, the same Justice department that did not indict Lois Lerner in the IRS targeting scandal. Most of the Tea Party Organizations have yet to get the exemptions they are entitled to by law, but Lois skates free. The Fix is in. The FBI findings will not be released until after the 2016 elections.

Just Leaving the Middle East Will Just Increase the Killing

A lot of ordinary people think it's time to just leave the Middle East.  I think the way we got to this situation in the first place was to just leave Iraq.  ISIS is Al Qaeda in Iraq with a changed name and slightly different ideology.  ISIS used the Shiite dominance in Iraq as its initial recruiting tool. 

When we finally intervened to stop ISIS, Barry the Brilliant decided not to wipe out Bashar al Assad's air force on the ground.  There are widespread reports in military circles that the strike was planned and called off at the last minute.  The combined effect of just leaving Iraq and leaving Damascus' air force intact resulted in the deaths of literally hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis.  

If we leave now, the killing will only move at a more rapid pace.  If you can live with civilian deaths rising towards one million and the rising risk of general, possibly nuclear, war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Egypt, Jordan and perhaps Israel in the Middle East, then we should leave.  I can't.

Guilty or Not, Don't Expect Hillary Indictment

If you believe the Justice Department will file charges against any Democrat for anything, then I would like to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. I'm not just talking about Lois Lerner here, who skates after obviously using the IRS to target Tea Party groups. Lerner didn't get charged with anything. How about Jon Corzine, who managed commodity brokerage MF Global into bankruptcy? Corzine was a big fund raiser for Obama and a former Democratic Governor and Senator from New Jersey. He ordered $700 million of customer funds to be used to cover corporate debts. His excuse, in sworn testimony before Congress, was that his accounting systems were so bad he didn't know what he was doing. First, using customer money for corporate purposes is the biggest no-no in the brokerage business. Second, under Sarbanes Oxley, CEO Jon Corzine was responsible for the condition of his accounting and ignorance is not a defense. He was not indicted either. As we say in Chicago, the fix is in. There is no alternative to Hillary for a liberal presidential candidate, so there will be no indictment of Hillary, NO MATTER WHAT HILLARY DOES OR DID.

Leif Ericson Says Global Warming is Malarkey

My problem with the whole argument for man-made global warming is the narrowness of the time frame of observations being used. Just look up the Wikipedia entry on paleoclimatology and look at the temperature graph over millions of years. There are some really wide swings and long periods of time when Earth was a lot hotter than it is now. 
I think the 135 year time span of the primary detailed observations leaves a lot of room for reasonable doubt, particularly since the satellite record for the last 36 years shows almost no change. The obvious political motivations of the people behind the global warming movement, who seek unchecked absolute power through the control of all energy use, makes me believe they have both the motive and opportunity for falsifying the data. The fact that Michael Mann's famous hockey stick did not show the Medieval Warming Period at all should make everyone think that something is fishy. The Medieval Warming Period is why Leif Ericson was able to discover America sometime around 980 AD. The following Little Ice Age is why there were no Viking settlements when Christopher Columbus got here in 1492. The existence of both the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age really are accepted scientific and historical facts. 
I know some legitimate scientists take this very seriously. But I believe that the planet is a very big place with a huge amount of water that is going to buffer whatever man does in the short run. I think AGW is a political movement disguised as science. I don't think AGW has met its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.