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Picture 2

Nov 8, 2015

Guilty or Not, Don't Expect Hillary Indictment

If you believe the Justice Department will file charges against any Democrat for anything, then I would like to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. I'm not just talking about Lois Lerner here, who skates after obviously using the IRS to target Tea Party groups. Lerner didn't get charged with anything. How about Jon Corzine, who managed commodity brokerage MF Global into bankruptcy? Corzine was a big fund raiser for Obama and a former Democratic Governor and Senator from New Jersey. He ordered $700 million of customer funds to be used to cover corporate debts. His excuse, in sworn testimony before Congress, was that his accounting systems were so bad he didn't know what he was doing. First, using customer money for corporate purposes is the biggest no-no in the brokerage business. Second, under Sarbanes Oxley, CEO Jon Corzine was responsible for the condition of his accounting and ignorance is not a defense. He was not indicted either. As we say in Chicago, the fix is in. There is no alternative to Hillary for a liberal presidential candidate, so there will be no indictment of Hillary, NO MATTER WHAT HILLARY DOES OR DID.

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